Credit Line Qualifications



Are you interested in a FootwearUS credit line? If you meet the following requirements you may qualify:


1. Active account in good standing for 3 months or more

2. Minimum average monthly order of $200 or higher

3. Return rate lower than 2.5%

4. Your own shipping account


5. No past due or unpaid shipping fee invoices under the “Bill Actual Shipping Cost Separately” option


If you qualify, you’ll receive an initial credit line equivalent to your average monthly order amount:


$200 - $1500, net 30 days

$1501 - $3000, net 30 days

$3001 - $5000, net 45 days

$5001 and above, net 60 days


If your order exceeds the amount available to you through your credit line, the exceeding balance must be paid via credit card, PayPal, certified check/money order, or wire transfer during checkout in order for you to complete the transaction.  


Increases in your credit line are at the discretion of FootwearUS.


Your credit line cannot be used for shipping costs. If “Bill Actual Shipping Cost Separately” option is selected during checkout, shipping costs must be paid in full before shipping is scheduled. (For more information, see our Shipping Policy)


If you are interested in applying for a credit line, or if you have a credit line and would like to apply for an increase, please kindly contact us for an account review.